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During our stay in LA, we quickly became pro bus-riders. Seriously. Dance Excellence took care of everything. We were bussed everywhere on large, comfortable charter busses. Our studio had an assigned bus (yay for #7!) that we shared with a lovely dance group from Montana. To make sure no one was ever left behind, we were required to count off before the bus drove off.

This quickly became a daily competition to see who could count off the fastest.

You’d think it would be a quick and easy thing. I mean, it’s counting. Elementary. And we had a bus full of dancers. They’re used to counting day in and day out. The problem is that dancers only count to 8, then start over again. But there were 20 of us. Not surprisingly, it took us a couple times to get going. Luckily, I was number 7, and Jessie was 8, so we just barely fit within the natural rhythm. We were all serious about our counting. By the end of the week, we would count off just for practice. Or just for fun. If there was a counting contest, we would have won.

The first time we got to practice our counting skills was on a trip to Hollywood. The girls finally got released (after their last class that day) to see what life was like outside of the hotel.

They were obviously pretty excited.

Hollywood CA The Montana group joined in our group photo after disembarking.

Hollywood CA After a minute of sightseeing (seriously, only a minute. We were late), we were scheduled to watch the Muppets at the landmark El Capitan Theatre. I may have been a little disappointed that I didn’t get a photo of the Hollywood sign, which was only just barely visible from our seats on the bus.

Hollywood CA We made a quick run through the wax museum before the movie. I think this photo of Nicole is pretty darn convincing!

Hollywood CA Naturally, the instructors had to stop for a photo with Memphis icon J.T. I tried everything to get him to look at the camera, but he refused!

Hollywood CA The El Capitan was a lovely theater.

Hollywood CA And we got a short show from Miss Piggy and Kermit before the movie started. I’m not a huge Muppet movie fan, but this part was kinda cute!

Hollywood CA Everything is better with confetti!

Hollywood CA Although our trip was short, and Hollywood isn’t the best part of town, it was fun to see the famous names on the sidewalk and hang out with the movie stars (even if they weren’t real). It was all very Hollywood.

Here’s to glitz and glamour. And a glimpse of a famous, crooked sign. And confetti. Cheers!

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