First Day of School 2014

The Kids’ First Day of School 2014

Today is the end of our first week back to school for the new year. I ain’t gonna lie… I’m always ready for school to start by the end of summer! I love having my kids at home, I do. But I get absolutely nothing done! The kids’ schedules get totally messed up. They all stay up until midnight or later. It’s a mad house! I am no stickler for the rules, but I do appreciate a little order now and then. I do, however, miss the summer. I feel like it just flew by this year! With all the dance activities, traveling, engagement shoots, and business meetings, it seems like it was entirely too short. I’m not ready for Fall yet! I want to get more time at the pool, soak up a little more sun, and maybe take one more road trip. But, alas, I don’t get to choose the seasons. So, while the temperature still says it’s summer, I do believe that Fall is at our door. The first day of school always seems to signal the start of Fall, even if it’s still 100 degrees outside. Alex is loving 4th grade so far! He is already smitten with his teacher, who he describes as funny. I think that’s really all little boys want in a teacher! When he walked in the door after his very first day, he said “Today was AWESOME!” He’s come such a long way. He used to be such a small, shy, quiet little boy, but now he is opening up and developing his own personality. He’s also discovering the joys of friendship, and I think that has a lot to do with it. Oh, and he’s also getting pretty dang cute. First Day of School 2014 First Day of School 2014 Helen is a Junior this year. Whoa. And she has become quite the gorgeous young lady. First Day of School 2014 First Day of School 2014 Jessie is a Sophmore this year, and her hair is longer than ever! She’s all sass and beauty, and I wouldn’t have her any other way! She’s always the first one in line when I want photos. Despite what her shirt says, she does indeed play nice. First Day of School 2014 First Day of School 2014 I can’t believe how much they’ve all changed since last year! A funny thing about these photos this year… both Alex and Jessie have braces this year when they didn’t last year, and Helen has hers off this year, while she wouldn’t even smile last year because of her braces! Here are their photos from the first day of school last year. They all look so small and young! If you really want your mind blown, take a look at Alex’s first day photos from two years ago. Crazy what time does! Here’s to another year of learning, growth, and life lessons. Cheers!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 13:20h, 08 August

    Wow! What cuties!!! Love their smiles and their outfits! I hunk Alex has come into his own so to speak! Look out girls & guys!!