i won the derby.

We had driven 4 hours to Birmingham to visit with one of our couples for their engagement shoot. He is a huge sports fan, so naturally the TV was on and tuned to one of his favorites. The Kentucky Derby. He used to own horses, and he started telling us a little about it and what being at the Derby is like, since he had gone a few years ago with some friends. Ed and I had never been, but it’s one of those things on our bucket list. And of course I would buy a fabulous hat for the occasion.

My eyes went to the TV for an instant, as they were talking to the different jockeys and owners. I saw the name I’ll Have Another, and was instantly drawn to it. “If I were there”, I said, “that’s the horse I would bet on!” It was my perfect horse, as my own business hints at cocktail hour. And I may have been known to say that very thing once in awhile.

Soon after that, the horses began racing, and I’ll Have Another came from behind to win the race. I was shocked, and it made the entire rest of my day. My horse won the Derby. With odds of 31 to 1, my horse won the Derby.

Cedric  turned to me and said, “yeah, but if you were actually there, would you have really bet on that horse?”

“Absolutely,” I said instantly. “it may have only been $10, but now I would have $310.”

Sometimes it’s good to go with your gut.

Later that night, Tamara and Cedric showed us the town, in its entirety, from the summit of Birmingham. It was Cinco de Mayo, and we all went out and celebrated in style.

And we all had another.


  • Rhea
    Posted at 12:32h, 16 May

    Congrats! The Derby atmosphere is amazing – definitely something to experience in person! Start planning for 2013 and I’ll give you all the ins and outs of the town at that time 😉

  • Cedric
    Posted at 13:38h, 20 May

    Well you would be happy to know that I’ll have Another One had another one by winning the Preakness in the same fashion. Beating the same horse that he beat in the Derby. If Another one wins, another one he will be the triple crown winner. The first in 34 years. Just think 3 years ago he was bought for $11,000, and now he is worth Tens of Millions. So far you’ve had two chances to bet on him and now “You have Another One”.