Helen | Savannah Senior Photos

School starts next week. I can’t believe the summer is already gone! I swear, it seems like we were finalizing our summer vacation plans only last week. Time and I are not getting along this year! Maybe I’m getting old, or maybe I’m staying too busy to notice the passing of time, but it sure does fly by faster than ever before. Helen is going to be a Senior this year. A Senior! So, in the spirit of the approaching new school year, and in stopping to smell the roses while the roses are still blooming, I thought I would share some of my favorites from her Senior photo session.

I’m a terrible planner. I’ll happily admit it. It’s okay, I’m not ashamed. Our family has always been a last-minute, down-to-the-wire, performing-well-under-pressure sort of family. So, I went against my own nature when I started planning, weeks in advance, to take some photos of Helen for her Senior year during our vacation.

We spent a week in Savannah for our summer vacation this year, as you may have heard me mention. Once or twice. We Hutchinsons happen to believe that Savannah is the most beautiful city in the country. Now, admittedly, we haven’t been to all of them, but it’s hard imagining any other city having half the charm and Southern grace of this gorgeous treasury of hospitality.

So, what other better place for Helen’s Senior photos? There are so many history-laden locations, as well as streets lined with live oaks and dripping Spanish moss, perfect for photos. We made sure to set aside time on a couple different days for photos.

Although, I must say, as beautiful as Savannah is, it’s got nothing on my gorgeous girl!


We started the session at Fort Pulaski. We wanted to spend a day there anyway, and it has so many great nooks and crannies (and arches!) for truly unique Senior photos. I bet no one else in her class will have photos like this!


Helen’s lucky number is 7, so this storeroom was perfect for her!




Did I mention the arches! Love this!


Then it was a change of outfits and off to the historic district! The cobblestone streets and stunning squares gave us plenty of photo opportunities.




A little silliness is always fun!


Sunset was gorgeous!


This photo is on the steps of an abandoned mansion that we simply call “the Haunted House.” It’s extremely creepy at night, but makes for gorgeous photos by day!


Since I was being lazy while on vacation, it was great to have an excuse to break out the “big camera.” I still want to do a few more of her Senior photos here in Memphis, but I think these give us a great start!



  • Sarah
    Posted at 21:38h, 04 August

    Oh my goodness, those eyes, those gorgeous eyes! Not to mention the gorgeous young lady & the gorgeous backdrops! These photos are a terrific start to some fabulous senior pictures … That no one in her class can come close to touching … Just saying!