helen eats chicken.

She ate chicken.

Wait. Maybe you didn’t get that.


After an entire year of being a pescaterian (like a vegetarian that eats fish too), my child is eating poultry again. You have no idea how much easier this will make my life! No more cooking two meals for dinner every night. And I can use chicken broth again, instead of vegetable broth! No more crazy special ordering out at restaurants. Sigh.

However, I do have to admit, I am extremely proud of my girl. She stood up for something she believed in, and she stuck to it. She made a goal to go without meat for an entire year, and she didn’t cheat once. The girl has conviction. So. Proud.

She still plans on staying away from red meat, but I am willing to work with baby steps!

Did I capture the first bite on camera? You bet your booty I did.


Helen Eats Chicken (1)


Helen Eats Chicken (2)

Two and a half….

Helen Eats Chicken (3)


Helen Eats Chicken (4)

So glad my iPhone is always handy for moments like these!

Here’s to chicken. And convictions. And cooking with a full menu again! Cheers!


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