helen: 8th grade formal

My girl is an official high schooler. Yesterday morning, she graduated from 8th grade during a simple ceremony followed by lunch with her family and friends.

Later that evening, she was off to her first formal dance. With a boy. Like a for-real teenage girl.

Now, I’m no beauty expert, but I managed TWO hairstyles throughout the day, thanks to awesome tips from my BFF, Valarie, who conveniently, happens to be a hairstylist. Curls, makeup, dress, shoes, and the whole deal. I’m not sure who had more fun.

I owe huge thanks to Brandon, her good friend and date, who talked her into going to the dance. I didn’t want her to miss it, but dressing up is not usually her thing. Luckily, Brandon came to the rescue and convinced her to go. And he brought her flowers.¬†They both looked pretty amazing.

Prom pose! Duh.

My girl. Sigh.

They just look so darn cute.

Pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who thought Helen looked gorgeous…

Fun photos with her girlfriends and sister, of course. Jessie couldn’t stop exclaiming how beautiful her sister looked, and how she couldn’t wait until it was her turn.

Teenage silliness.

And I’ll end with this fun photo of the gang trying to get passing cars to honk at their fierceness. Yes. This is them.

Here’s to growing up. And staying young. And having family and good friends to get you through it. Cheers!


  • Krampa
    Posted at 00:53h, 26 May

    I guess we can’t keep these kids from growing up. Helen, you are beautiful! Hope you had a great time at the dance and here’s to a great next year. Can’t believe you are a high schooler now!