Happy Birthday Morgan | 22 Years

Today, you are 22 years young. Every year, your ball of talent, energy, and heart grows into something even more beautiful than the year before. I love your mix of maturity and girlish giggles. You are vintage and alternative at the same time, and only you could pull that off. You have real fears of the grown-up world, but at the same time are completely unafraid to jump headfirst into it.

While in Savannah, we made sure to get plenty of photos of you, only 2 weeks before your birthday. You didn’t complain at all, instead jumping in front of the camera or motivating me to take more photos with a “take one of me here!”


One of my favorites. This was right before a carful of people rode by and someone yelled, “that’s Vanessa Hudgens!” I guess I see a resemblance, but you’re prettier.





Naturally, laughing photos are always my favorite!



Happy birthday Morgan!

You were the best decision I ever made.

I love you!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 08:04h, 17 July

    Your words are so eloquent! But your photos tell the whole beautiful truth! Happy Birthday Morgan! I love you!