Happy 11th Birthday Alex!

I never knew I wanted a little boy until I had one. As a mother of three girls, I thought boys were dirty little balls of energy with nothing cute to wear. Oh, how I was wrong!

Our family was incomplete until Alex came along. He was everything we were missing in our lives. Someone cute to dote on, someone silly to make us laugh, someone heartfelt and caring to give us warm hugs and who is never afraid to say “I love you.” And yes, sometimes he’s dirty, and he’s more often than not a little ball of energy, but it turns out I like that in a boy!


Today, Alex is 11. This year he is finally coming out of his shell. He’s always been shy and quiet, but I see less and less of that as the days pass. His smile can light up the room, and little boy giggles are the best! He’s never afraid to show his goofy side or make funny faces for the camera (but he’s amazingly good at the “model” face too!).


Alex has reached that age when his free time is usually filled with video games, but he still loves playing outside. Whether it’s climbing trees or building a fort in the woods behind our house with the other boys on our block, or simply riding his bike or scooter down the street, I love to see him soaking up the sun, in any season.


He has really grown this year, both in height (well, a little!), and in personality. He is comfortable with who he is, and he’s not afraid to be himself. He loves to dance, and he’s starting to understand that he’s pretty good at it! Even more, he wants to be better. I can’t wait to see where his dancing takes him this year!


One of my favorite things about Alex is that he is the best brother three sisters could have. While they teach him how to properly love and treat a girl, he teaches them how to laugh and that things shouldn’t always be taken so seriously. He shows them love and respect, and he’s not afraid to thrown his arms around their middles and tell them he loves them. It melts my heart.


Happy birthday, Alex. Thanks for being you, and for filling that missing gap in our family! We love you!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 11:22h, 16 September

    He does complete your beautiful family so well, but his hugs are certainly the best! It’s always so nice when we come to get a hug from Alex! He is smart & so talented! Hope his birthday is a great one … Along with yours!! ❤️