Ft. Walton Portraits

Fun and Beachy Ft. Walton Portraits

I’ve been trying to feel less guilty about not having my camera with me the entire time we’re on vacation this year. But, come on. I’m happiest with my camera in hand, so there’s still going to be lots of picture taking! We made sure to get at least a few Ft. Walton portraits.

Sunset on the beach is so beautiful, and the light makes for the perfect beach portraits. Jessie and Helen wanted some photos together, and I’m not going to say no to that! We took tons. Filled up a whole card. Most of them were very “pretty” photos. Jessie and Helen love to work it in front of the camera, and they have been raised by a photographer, so they are natural and comfortable when taking their photos. Photographer perk!

However, I won’t be posting the “pretty” ones. Because my favorite ones, the melt-my-heart, the make-mom-cry, the this-is-so-them photos… THESE are my favorite. The ones where they ignore the camera completely and just get lost in the fun they are having, when they double over in giggles. Those photos are a moment in time, not just a pretty picture. These are always my favorite.

I love my girls.

Ft. Walton Portraits

They’re so gorgeous, aren’t they?

Ft. Walton Portraits

The best part? When their brother jumps in front of the camera for a photo bomb. This may very well be my favorite photo ever! OMG. It makes me laugh and love so hard.

Ft. Walton Portraits

I have them trained so well, I don’t even have to direct them much anymore. Love that. Just let them be them.


LOVE. And not just because of the photo reference. Okay. Maybe because of the photo reference.


I lied. One “pretty” one. But only because this is them. Sand covered hands and all. I’m so lucky.

Ft. Walton Portraits

Here’s to fun on the beach. And erupting into fits of giggles. And sand-covered mime hands.


  • Sarah
    Posted at 08:55h, 11 July

    Ok even the “oh so them” pictures are fab! Can’t pick a favorite, love all of them!

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