front yard makeover: part 2.

We’re nearing the end of our front yard project, so I thought it was time for another update! As a reminder, this is where we started.

All the stone has now been completed. Isn’t it beautiful?? There’s nothing like natural stacked stone. This bed will look amazing when the weather cools off a bit and we fill it with pansies!

Front Yard Makeover (1)

A little detail of the gorgeous stacked-ness from the side:

Front Yard Makeover (2)

The pond is looking much better with plants surrounding it. Don’t worry, Chad is going to be cleaning up those rocks to cover the ugly black plastic.

Front Yard Makeover (3)

We now have stone surrounding the bed next to the driveway as well.

Front Yard Makeover (4)

Since the yard slopes, the stone is much higher near the street. I could just look at this all day!

Front Yard Makeover (5)

The view from the yard:

Front Yard Makeover (6)

The plants have started going in on the side of the house next to the pond. You can see the new stone bed from this angle too. Sorry for the contrasty-light photos. I was in a hurry to document this!

Front Yard Makeover (7)

The black-eyed Susans and purple coneflowers should be going in today. You can see where they have been temporarily laid out next to the riverbed. Can’t wait for this part!

Front Yard Makeover (8)

Stay tuned for the final reveal! I think we’re on schedule to finish up today!

Here’s to progress. And plants. And natural stacked stone. Sigh. Cheers!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 13:03h, 30 August

    The stacked drone is awesome but I think I love the riverbed side with the grass and Susan’s ans coneflowers! Kinda surprised myself? Still love the overall look, sooo fab!!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 13:04h, 30 August

    Stone not drone