I love photos where the subject is laughing. I mean, truly, really, laughing. When all cares about the camera are gone, and the true spirit is present. It’s as natural as you can get, and it’s just fun.

These are my favorite photos to capture, and sometimes the most difficult. But sometimes, it’s easy peasy. Like when you get a bunch of giggly girls together with their friends. It’s photos of my kids like this that I love the most. Them, enjoying life. Having fun. Friends can bring out the best in you.

Hint: take three such giggle girls on a carriage ride in downtown Memphis after their last dance competition. You are sure to get all the laughing photos you could ever wish for. But ask for Jamie. He’s the driver most likely to put up with it.

Here’s to friendship. And giggle dancers. And awesome carriage chauffeurs. Cheers!



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