Friday Faves | Beach Edition

It’s always this time of year, when the weather starts gets a bit cooler (just a bit!), and the light starts getting a little softer, that I try to hold on to every last minute of Summer that I can. Fall is on its way! I love Fall, but I love Summer most, and I’m always sad to see it go.

I love the hot sun, being able to swim in the pool, wearing shorts and flip flops, and especially the beach! The kids are home from school, and everything is more relaxed and less hectic. It’s easily my favorite season!

In an effort to hold on to the last of Summer, we made a quick family getaway to Ft. Walton Beach for Labor Day weekend. We rented a condo and decided beforehand that once we got there, we weren’t leaving. We’d eat and sleep in the condo, and spend our days on the beach. No eating out. No dressing up. Just us, the waves, and the sand. For three solid days.

And it was wonderful.

Though it was short, it was exactly what I think we all needed. Some family time, away from real life, just for a while.

Also, I really needed a family photo on the beach. We get one every year, and I realized that so far this year, we didn’t have one. So on our last day, we took this:


Though I love this one more!

ft-walton-beach_0002 ft-walton-beach_0003

Helen decided she wanted a few more Senior portraits on the beach. Sounds great to me!


We may or may not have broken a few rules where the lifeguard stand was concerned…

ft-walton-beach_0005 ft-walton-beach_0006

There’s nothing like sunset on the beach!

ft-walton-beach_0007 ft-walton-beach_0008 ft-walton-beach_0009


This one is probably my absolute favorite!


My girl (and all my kids!) are so gorgeous! And that’s not a biased opinion.


I only pulled my real camera out that one day, but I had my trusty iPhone with me every other day! I wasn’t missing a single minute of this!


I already want to go back. Sigh.

Until next year! Cheers!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 13:00h, 18 September

    Oh, how you manage to get such great photos even with your iPhone is beyond me! But glad you do!! Love every one of them!! ❤️