five faves friday.

It is 45 degrees right now. And rainy. And they’re predicting snow. SNOW? In March? I thought it was Spring???

Yes, I’m still complaining about the weather. Yes, I’m still a bit irate with these temperatures.

So let’s focus on something else.

1. Like the desert. The beautiful, sunny, warm desert. While in Vegas, Ed and I got a chance to drive out to the desert with some other fabulous photographers (more on that in another post). It was the first time that I had seen the desert with my own eyes, and it was beautiful. You don’t usually think of a desert as being beautiful, but it was. Especially at sunset.

Vegas Desert at Sunset

You know what else screams warm?

2. Palm Trees. I wish I lived in an area where I could grow palm trees! I know they’re simple, and over-represented on Instagram, but I love them. You always know warmth and water are nearby.

Vegas Palm Trees

Speaking of Instagram…

I took the above photos with my “real camera” (that’s what we call my Canon 5D Mark III around here), but I also took several desert and palm tree photos with my iPhone. You may have seen some of those on Instagram if you follow me (amy_hutchinson. Just sayin’). Edited with…

3. PicTapGoThis is my favorite iPhone editing app so far. You can stack filters! You can adjust the intensity of each one. And you can save your favorite recipes. This awesomeness has made editing on my iPhone easy and fun!

PicTapGo Editing App

Something else that you may have seen on Instagram that has been keeping my toes warm during this cold weather is…

4. My new cowskin rug. Words cannot express how much I love this thing, even if my kids do think it’s creepy. It adds style, warmth, texture, and a bit of whimsy to my office. I love it.

Office Cowskin Rug

So, I guess it’s not going to get warm anytime soon. One thing the cold is good for is snuggling on the sofa with a good movie. My movie of choice this weekend?

5. The Hobbit. My dad texted me yesterday and asked if I knew it was out on Blu-Ray already. I had no idea! So I’m picking this baby up and I’m going to watch it at least twice. Maybe more. I’m not ashamed.

Hobbit BluRay

Here’s to staying warm. And thinking warm. And when all else fails, finding ways to occupy your time inside when it’s not. Cheers!


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