first dance competition of the year.

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday watching girls of all ages stretch, curl hair, leap, apply lipstick, perform, change, and do it all over again. Jessie performed 5 different dances, including one solo, over the course of the weekend. I am never more proud of my girl than when she performs so well under extreme stress.

She reminds me every day that it’s okay to go after what you want. This girl can do anything.

Masquerade Dance Competition

Dance is definitely a team sport. It’s so uplifting to see these girls come together, cheer for each other, and help each other out backstage. If we forget safety pins, someone’s got our back. If we have the wrong color lipstick, four different girls offer theirs. These girls love each other fiercely and have their own little exclusive family. I love it!

Masquerade Dance Competition

But I love it most when they’re being girls and having fun.

Masquerade Dance Competition ¬†Warming up backstage with their instructors…

Masquerade Dance Competition They may be performers, but they are always goofy girls first!

Masquerade Dance Competition Masquerade Dance Competition

I love documenting these backstage moments!

Masquerade Dance Competition

We weren’t allowed to photograph the performances, but I may have sneaked just one shot of my girl’s leap across the stage…

Masquerade Dance Competition


These weekends are stressful, anxiety-filled, and completely and totally exhausting. But completely and totally worth it.

Here’s to a weekend with my talented dancer. And going after what you want. And courage. She has it in abundance. Cheers!

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