destin on iPhone.

Once in awhile, we get the pleasure of traveling with a couple for a destination wedding. There is no greater honor than having a couple take us with them for their wedding, especially to another state that has plenty of talented photographers to choose from. It lets us know that not only do they love our images, but they trust us enough to capture their wedding day memories, no matter where they may be. And it allows us to shoot in locations we don’t usually get to, and that really hypes up our creativity!

A couple weeks ago, we traveled to Destin for just such an occasion. Beach weddings always go straight to the root of my heart! There’s nowhere I would rather be. I know what you’re thinking – we have it sooo hard. We get paid to go to the beach! And while we do love traveling for weddings, don’t be misled. It is hard work! Although we took our swimsuits, we never got to put them on.

We got there early enough to be able to shoot the rehearsal as well as the wedding, and when we weren’t shooting, we were location scouting away from the beach. So while we did enjoy hearing the waves, putting our feet in the sand, and watching the palm trees wave in the sea breeze, we did not get to relax or enjoy the scenery as we would have if it were a true vacation. It was more like a tease! Because Ed has a full-time “day job,” he had to get back asap for work, which meant we couldn’t stay any extra days.

But we did get some amazing photos. I sure did love the Destin light! Almost all my own personal “sight-seeing” photos were taken with my iPhone. I love the challenge of using my iPhone as my point-and-shoot camera.

There’s nothing like palm trees and sunsets on the beach – even if you don’t have time to get in the water!

I’m happy to say that we will be going back next month for an almost-proper vacation (our daughter has her national dance competition there in July, so it won’t be all relaxation)! I can’t wait!

Here’s to sun and sand, if only from afar. And work travel opportunities. And Spanish Moss, my favorite! Cheers!



  • Sarah
    Posted at 12:06h, 11 June

    These are beautiful photos! Makes you want to live there! Sigh!