december instagram mosaic.

Well, an entire year of instagramming has come and gone. Which really just means a whole new year of iPhone picture-taking possibilities! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. While I love my big fancy camera, I am equally as thankful for the bitty camera on my phone. It’s easy to carry, it’s always with me, and it’s fun to challenge myself to get creative with a camera that doesn’t have as many settings.

Instagram helps me record my life. In pictures. Which I love.

Some random things that happened in December:

  • Christmas!
  • Lots of wrapping
  • A little snow
  • Jessie’s strings concert
  • A new luxury bedroom
  • Lots of different skies
  • And…. I broke my iPad 🙁


As always, I’m amyhutchinson on Instagram. Follow me! I’d love to see your life in pictures too.

Here’s to bitty, portable cameras. And a year of little square photos. And memory making. Cheers!

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