Dance Recital 2014

beach bound and dance recital recap!

Today, we’re packing up and getting ready to leave bright and early tomorrow morning for the beach. This year’s dance recital is over, which means it’s time for the National Competition! Our whole family will be spending two weeks in Florida. One of those will be mostly consumed by dance (which is fine by us!), but we intend to totally morph into lazy beach bums for the other.

I’m not your typical dance mom, I know. It took me years to master the ballet bun and learn how to apply stage makeup. And then, right when I think I’m getting pretty good at it, my girl gets old enough to do it herself. I can’t wait to watch her on that stage this year, so much more confident and mature. I could watch this girl dance all day, every day!

Dance Recital 2014

Every year’s dance recital is better than the last, and this year was no exception! Jessie is doing more dances than ever before, so she’s on the stage quite often. Lucky for her, there’s no place she would rather be. She’s the Junior team leader, and she’s gotten close with so many of the other girls. It’s so fun and rewarding to watch them grow together as a team!

Dance Recital 2014

This was Alex’s second recital, but his first year in competitive dance. So this trip to Florida will mark his first Nationals competition. He loves the stage almost as much as his sister, and he’s a natural. When other parents ask us if he gets it from me or Ed, I always tell them he gets it from his sister! I only wish I could take credit for their talent!

Tap is his favorite right now, and when he’s at home, his feet are constantly tapping. He was a pretty awesome hyena in the ballet too (they did the Lion King this year). It always blows my mind that he is so natural on the stage, because he is so shy by nature. But he’s completely comfortable up there, and dance is doing wonders for his shyness and independence! He’s finally coming out of his shell, and so much of that is because of dance. He is grown quite close with a couple of the other boys, and it’s so fun to watch them all form those bonds.

Dance Recital 2014

He doesn’t know it yet, but this is his future wife. Her mom and I have decided that they are betrothed. So it was especially rewarding when she gave him a special recital gift all his own. I love that dance teaches the boys how to interact with girls, and most of all, how to respect them. Not only that, but a boy who can dance? He’s going to have girls lining up for him! But I can totally wait for that. Right now, girls are not on the radar for him, and that’s fine with me!

But aren’t they so cute together?

Dance Recital 2014

I am so proud of both my dancers. But of all the dance recital photos I took, this one is my favorite. Worn out and exhausted at the end of the day, they still had hugs left over for each other.

Dance Recital 2014

Jessie and Alex are both done with their dance recital and two comprehensive rehearsal weeks to get ready for Nationals. Now they get to show off all that hard work! I can’t wait to watch them finish off this dance year!

I’ll be posting updates of our trip here (I hope! Cross your fingers for good internet), but be sure to follow me on Instagram for lots of beach and dancing photos.

I’m so ready for this trip, I can’t stand it!

Here’s to dancing. And relaxing. And the beach!


  • Sarah
    Posted at 13:05h, 27 June

    I can’t believe the fabulous photos of both my favorite dancers that you were able to get!! Can’t wait for this competition … It’s gonna be great! Love to Jessie & Alex and Helen & Morgan! See you there!

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