dads rule.

(Sorry, Ed. You knew this was coming.)

Parents will do anything for their kids. Especially daddies, when it comes to their little girls. Even when it means putting on a grass skirt and a coconut bra in front of hundreds of spectators. Oh yes he did.

Jessie had her annual dance recital this past weekend (more on that later), just one day before Father’s Day. Every year, the dads of the dancers get together for a surprise, comedic dance that is revealed at the end of the show. This year had a beach theme, and Ed was in the coconut bra group. Priceless.

Halfway through, Alex turns to me and says, “seriously??? a coconut bra???” He was beyond excited to see his daddy up on stage making everyone laugh.

When the dads are done, the dancers come back on stage for a special daddy-daughter dance. I cry every year.

Unfortunately, I only got this one photo (I wasn’t supposed to be taking photos at all, but I wasn’t about to miss this!). Ed and Jessie are in the middle on the left, but I love the kissing moment I caught between another dancer and her daddy. Dads rule. Period.

Here’s to dads. And wearing a coconut bra for the one you love. And that special daddy-daughter bond. Cheers!

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