Life is a competition. We’re always trying to be better. Better than last time. Better than yesterday. Better than the next guy.

I struggle with myself, always trying to improve and simply do the best that I can. Always. And it’s a valiant struggle. But sometimes, going against others takes much more courage. I don’t like opening myself up to criticism, even when it’s constructive. It’s a flaw.

This past weekend, Jessie had her first dance competition. And she wasn’t afraid. The moments before she took the stage, she was calm and collected. She walked out under those lights with her head held high and her best smile on. When she was done, she only spoke about how much fun she had. And she walked away with three gold medals.

It always surprises me when I learn things from my kids. But I do, every day. Thanks for the lesson, Jessie. You are a star.

Here’s to competition. And making yourself vulnerable. And being better. Cheers!

  • Demarcus
    Posted at 10:41h, 06 March

    Looks like I just learned a lesson too. Thanks!