Christmas Table Decoration

A Christmas Recap | Our Christmas Table

Well, it’s the Monday after Christmas, so that means back to work for me. But around here, that doesn’t mean that the Christmas decorations come down and the Christmas spirit grinds to a halt. We keep it going for as long as possible! We had such a wonderful holiday, with a house full of love and family. We had lots of laughs, a billion hugs, and even a few happy tears. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Christmas Gold Decoration

We are a family of untraditional traditions. We like doing things our own way and making our life together our own. We find what works for us and we run with it. Nostalgia is a big part of our holidays, and our kids love nothing more than looking back on past memories and creating new ones!

We started a few new family traditions this year. The first was the Christmas pickle. Ever heard of it? We hadn’t either. We may or may not have started this tradition because Jessie really wanted a pickle ornament that we found when doing some shopping. While we were playfully arguing in the store (Jessie: “we have to get this pickle ornament. It’s adorable!” Me: “a pickle? Why a pickle? What in the world does a pickle have to do with Christmas other than it being green?”), a fellow shopper lady overheard our conversation and said that there was indeed a story of the Christmas pickle. Well, that’s all it took for me. We bought the pickle, took it home, and Googled the Christmas pickle story.

It turns out that there’s not much of a story. There are many conflicting supposed origins of the story, and how it got started. Most involved hiding the Christmas pickle on the tree. The first child to find it got a special present, or got to open the first present, or some such version. Personally, I think some Christmas pickle ornament maker made the whole thing up to sell pickle ornaments, but I digress. It sounded fun, so we hid the ornament on Christmas Eve and agreed the first child to find it on Christmas morning got to open the first present. Jessie won. Surprise surprise!

Our second new tradition happened on accident, as they usually do. We’ll have to wait until next year to see if it really becomes a tradition, but something tells me it will stick. We’ve always done a Christmas dinner, as per the usual traditions. But our dinner choices are usually untraditional. We just had turkey for Thanksgiving, so I see no reason to have one again, especially when my kids don’t even like turkey. We go for things that we want. Like steak. With a portobello gorgonzola sauce. And pear salad. And smashed potatoes with lots of cheese.

We usually have dinner Christmas evening, but this year, we had all been snacking all day and we were tired. The last thing I want to do on Christmas evening when I’m running on little sleep is cook. I want to chill with my family, have a cocktail or two, and just soak in the holiday spirit. So, since no one was really hungry anyway, that’s what we did. We postponed Christmas dinner to the day after Christmas. And we had it in the afternoon (before we all got tired and full, and because both Morgan and Helen had to work that evening).

It was perfect.

Christmas Table Decoration

You may notice that my beautiful dinnerware has lovely Christmas trees on them. Enter new Christmas tradition number three. My mother in law has had this Christmas set tucked away for over 15 years. I have a weakness for dishes, and I had my eye on these for quite some time. She and Pawpaw are always at our house for Christmas, so she never got the chance to pull them out. So finally, she passed them on to me. I was thrilled! I got even more excited when she showed me the set of matching wine glasses! These are so pretty, I want to leave them out all year. This is definitely a tradition we will do every year! Maybe twice.

Christmas Table Decoration

I went for simple, easy, and natural with the Christmas table centerpiece this year. Just a few homemade paper Christmas trees, a grapevine tree, some pine cones, and candles. The place settings were the stars of the show!

Christmas Table Decoration

The one thing I went fancy with was the name tags. But fancy doesn’t mean hard. These were super easy and quick to pull together. Just a tag tied to a sprig of boxwood and a small branch. Special thanks to my brother who went foraging in my backyard for the perfect branches!

Christmas Table Decoration

I hated covering up those pretty plates, but we had to have somewhere to put the salad! This pear salad is quick, easy, and delicious. The salad plates were my grandmother’s, who is no longer with us, so we had mix of family heirlooms on our Christmas table this year. I loved it!

Christmas Table Decoration

I’m sad to see Christmas come and go, but I’m excited about the New Year. I can’t wait to start over, set some new goals, and see what the world brings us next year. I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours! Until next year… cheers!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 09:07h, 30 December

    I sooo loved the pickle tale & now know how it got started. But the pictures of the table are my favorite! What a wonderful memory!! Happy Holidays!