I’m making a bold decision to abandon all pretense that I know what I’m doing. At least where the blog is concerned. For years, I’ve just been posting mundane things about my own everyday life, and an occasional photo shoot or two. And that works to a degree. While I fully plan to continue doing both those things (sorry if I got your hopes up!), I’d also like to start blogging more things that interest my readers.

The problem is that I don’t really know who my readers are. For all I know, I might just be blabbering to myself on a daily/weekly basis. I get very few comments, yet I often talk to people who say they love reading my blog. I had no idea people were actually reading this stuff! Yes, I have one of those analytics thingies installed, but have no idea how to decipher it. So I need your help. Please.

Leave me a comment. Tell me what you would like to see on my blog:

  • Brides, do you want photography related information only, or would you love to see more behind the scenes and ideas-inspired posts?
  • Tips and tricks?
  • What about my thoughts and reviews on venues? Other vendors?
  • Photographers, if you’re out there, what about you? Would anyone be interested in some technical posts?
  • Who else is reading? If you’re not a bride or photographer, who are you? What would you like to see?

Help me make this blog a go-to resource for wedding planning, wedding photography, and/or parenting. Help me help you. With lots of pretty pictures. And plenty of personal things thrown in too. It is my blog, after all 🙂

(Above photo was shot deep in the swamps of Honey Island, near New Orleans. 50mm 1.2 lens, ISO 100, 2.0, 1/8000 sec. Straight out of camera, with only a little contrast applied)

Here’s to brainstorming. And blog comments. And readers. Cheers!

  • Holly Spring
    Posted at 11:39h, 23 March

    I love reading your posts and updates. Your pictures are so beautiful and I would love to see tips and tricks too. 🙂
    Even if it’s just what camera settings are on a certain shot like the one above.. or how you deal with rainy weather on a shoot..
    I suppose there’s lots of little things you can share 🙂 xx


  • Christina Morgan
    Posted at 11:53h, 23 March

    Tips/tricks/ideas/behind the scenes/reviews on vendors/thoughts on bridal trends.
    And I LOVE that you give a detailed, personal account of the shoots with your clients. I think I’m looking forward to reading that as much as I am when it comes to our photos. Haha. No pressure. 😉

  • Mom
    Posted at 16:48h, 23 March

    As a non-photographer and not looking at weddings as such, I love the sights, pictures, and places. I”m interested in where it is, why they picked it, and what is there to do! Your pics are beautiful so a tad more info would be nice! 🙂