atlanta: day three.

We met new people. We hung out with old friends. We walked the city streets of Atlanta’s downtown. And we enjoyed every second of it. On the last day of the conference, after the last class, we met with another Memphis photographer and celebrated with desert and good conversation. Proof that Ed came to socialize and eat too!

Atlanta Bar Scene Atlanta Bar Scene Atlanta Bar Scene The final party was at the Atlanta Aquarium. Put a bunch of photographers in front of amazing fish, and this is what you get!

Atlanta Aquarium
Ed requested a photo of him petting a sting ray.

Atlanta Aquarium My favorite were the jellyfish.

Atlanta Aquarium


Today is an us day. We’re going to walk some more, do some shopping, and spend several hours at Ikea. I can’t wait!

Here’s to new faces. And new places. And a building full of awesome fish. Cheers!

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