Atlanta: days one and two.

I keep telling Ed: I just came to Atlanta to socialize and eat. But he keeps making me learn stuff.

All joking aside, we have been soaking up all kinds of photography information here at Imaging USA. If nothing else, we always meet great people and get inspired for the coming year. Ed makes sure we get up early to make the classes and walk the trade show floor a bit. I make sure we take time with each other, to discuss new ideas and take a break from all the work stuff. And eat. Naturally.

I thought these fountains would be an awesome spot for an engagement session! Anyone newly engaged in the Atlanta area who wants a free session within the next 2 days and willing to get wet?

Imaging USA Atlanta 2013

Imaging USA Atlanta 2013 Imaging USA Atlanta 2013 Imaging USA Atlanta 2013 Imaging USA Atlanta 2013


You never quite know what you’re going to see in Atlanta…

Imaging USA Atlanta 2013 So far we’ve come away with quite a few ideas to implement that we hope will only make our business stronger. And our clients happier. Because it’s all about them.

And if I have to walk 6 blocks in a dress and heels because the hotel promised shuttle service until 10, but quit at 9:55, then it’s worth it. Especially after scallops and creme brûlée. Just sayin’.

Here’s to Atlanta. And talking photography all day with other people who get it. And Facetime, so I can see my kids every night before we go to bed. Cheers!



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