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It’s Spring, and I love this time of year in my garden. All last year’s deadness (yes, I just made that word up) is finally gone, replaced by colorful flowers that are starting off the season right. Especially roses. I love roses. Not the old fashioned, cultivated, long-stemmed, tea roses. Wild, prolific roses that have clusters of flowers and ramble over arbors or ¬†fences and bloom all year long. The kind that don’t require me to baby them. Only appreciate them. That I can do.

Some other things I have done this month:

  • Learning how to be a dance mom. Two competitions this month!
  • Watched baby cardinals hatch, grow, and leave the nest.
  • Spent lots of time downtown for numerous photo shoots.
  • Dyed eggs for Easter.
  • Shot my first Catholic wedding.
  • Had lunch with one photographer, and dinner with another.
  • Watched my garden grow.
  • Discussed dichotomous veining patterns in ginkgo leaves with my dad. I get my nerdiness from him.
  • Suffered through a Temptations tribute band with a good friend on a girl’s night out.

Here’s to roses. And Spring. And new growth. Cheers!

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