No, I haven’t forgotten how to blog. I know I’ve neglected my little spot here on the web, and I’m going to remedy that, starting now. I have good reasons for being away. Several. First, we’ve been spending some quality time with family and friends. December was crazy! We had 4 weddings, a charity event, and 2 engagement parties. Not to mention several meetings and client preview sessions. And somewhere in there, we had to have Christmas. For 4 kids. We didn’t get to spend the time that we would have liked with them before the holidays, so we took some time afterwards to just be lazy and do nothing with our kids.

Also, now that we have finished up all our 2012 weddings (and the first one from 2013), this is the time that Ed and I take to regroup and refresh. January will be spent taking care of our final 2012 clients and preparing for 2013, which is already looking to be just as busy as 2012! This month will still be packed with final edits, album designs, client meetings, and preview sessions. We will be spending 6 days next week in Atlanta for Imaging USA, a photography conference that we use to get inspired, make new friends, and get excited about the year’s coming weddings. Oh, and a trip to Ikea, which I’m almost as excited about!

Then it’s 4 days in Savannah, for some much needed rest and relaxation, and the all-important us time. So much of our time together is spent working, so we are looking forward to spending some time enjoying our own marriage in our favorite city on the planet.

Cozy Slippers

And to illustrate the relaxation theme, a photo of my favorite Christmas present: the cutest pair of comfortable slippers that Ed got me.

Here’s to rest, relaxation, and regrouping. Cheers!


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