2012 holiday mantle.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! The only thing good about the winter is the holidays, so I start decorating as soon as I’m allowed. We have 5 (yes, 5. I have a problem.) full-sized trees, so it usually takes a good week to get everything up. Since it’s been about 5 years since I changed the yearly decorations, I took some liberties this year and mixed it up.

We have two fireplaces, but only one mantle, so it was super fun to do something different this year. This is what it looked like back in 2009 (we’re getting so old), but it hasn’t changed much since then. Until now. This year, it looks like this:

2012 Holiday Mantle (1)

I invested in new, personalized, matching stockings this year. We’re big into stockings. It’s always the last thing we do on Christmas morning, and it’s so fun to have just a little something extra when all the present opening is done.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard a little drama about these new stockings. But they look great now. And yes, I made that paper star. All by myself. With directions I found here.

2012 Holiday Mantle (2)

I also made the paper triangle garland. I was feeling crafty. And I love patterned paper.

2012 Holiday Mantle (3)


I can’t decide if I want to leave the NOEL letters as they are, or give them a thin coat of white paint. What do you think?

2012 Holiday Mantle (4)

I love the new greenery garland, because it reminds me of the Spanish moss in Savannah. I added a few other little coastal touches, like my favorite shells and seaglass. And the right amount of turquoise.

2012 Holiday Mantle (5)


2012 Holiday Mantle (6)

Please ignore the mustard colors that’s still on the walls. That will soon change, as soon as I can decide which color of white to paint. Sigh. Third world problems, people. I know. Life is good.

Here’s to the approaching holidays. And Cyber Monday (thank God I didn’t have to get out on Black Friday!). And mixing it up. Cheers!


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