2012 beach portraits.

I have to have them every year. It’s my favorite thing about going to the beach: taking photos of my children with their feet in the sand. Duh. I’m a photographer.

But it was the last day, and I didn’t have photos. The rain had kept us away from the beach for most of the week, and I had not yet found the perfect picturesque spot, though driving around gave me a few possibilities to check out. So after brunch on the day we were to leave, I dragged everyone back out to the sand for photos.

I prefer a more naturalistic beach, with shells, driftwood, and lots of oat grass. And a long boardwalk? Yes, please.

I was glad for the cloud cover this day. Makes for a pretty sky. They would all rather look at the water than me. I don’t blame them.

Clearly my favorite!

Love it when they request pics with Daddy.

Too. Adorable. A canvas, methinks?

And I’ll end with this one, because they obviously get this from me! So glad they feel the same way I do about the beach.

Herre’s to sand in your toes. And oat grass. And cameras. Cheers!


  • Lora Stowitzky
    Posted at 13:32h, 06 August

    You have the most beautiful family and the most wonderful gift! Thank you for always sharing! I can always count on your photos and your comments to put a smile on my face, and I am always looking for new posts! Every picture is special and beautiful. I am so excited to have you as our photographer!

  • Lora Stowitzky
    Posted at 13:34h, 06 August

    oh yeah…
    Thank you for what you do!