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It’s officially dance competition season! If you don’t know, we have TWO professional dancers in our house. Our youngest daughter, Jessie, has been dancing for almost 10 years, and our son, Alex, is following closely in his sister’s footsteps! Dance competitions are a big part of our lives. We even schedule weddings around them. This past weekend was one of our first ones, and we got lucky enough to be able to take photos!

Dance competitions always have a pro photographer who documents each of the dances. For this reason, photos during the dances aren’t usually allowed. As a photographer, I totally get and RESPECT that.

But at our last competition, the only thing they didn’t allow was flash photography. We even checked to make sure! Thankfully, Ed brought his camera, and we were able to get a few photos.

Jessie and Alex both performed their solos, and Alex had a duet with one of the girls in his dance class. They worked so hard and did so well! It was such a fun weekend!

Alex is 11 and has only been dancing for three years. He’s a natural, and is already competing in the most advanced level. Tap is his favorite, and he is conversantly tapping around the house. You can always tell when he’s upstairs in his room, because you can hear the tapping on the floor above!

This year he has a solo that was choreographed by a dancer who has performed on Glee. It’s set to James Brown’s Get Up, and it’s perfect for him!

Memphis Dance Competition

But the best way to get an idea is with video! Here’s a tiny clip of one of my favorite parts (who am I kidding? It’s ALL my favorite!):

He ended up getting first place in his category, and 2nd place overall! Proud mom moment!

Memphis Dance Competition

His duet is a jazz number that is simply adorable. It’s so fun to watch him dancing with a girl! One of the things we love about having him in dance is that it helps teaches him how to treat and respect the ladies!

Memphis Dance Competition

There are even flips involved! I don’t know how these tiny people do this, but they ROCKED it!

Memphis Dance Competition

Their duet won first place in their category and 6th place overall. But most of all, they got a special “Perfect Pair” award! When asked how he likes dancing with Abby, Alex replied “it’s good.” Then Abby was asked the same thing, and she said, “it’s good.” We clearly need to work on their interview skills!

Memphis Dance Competition

He even stands like a dancer during awards!

Memphis Dance Competition

Ah, this girl. Jessie is a beautiful dancer, and this is one of her favorite solos that she’s ever done. She loves performing, and since the whole song is in French, her moves and facial expressions are even more important in this dance!

Also, she’s a really good leaper!

Memphis Dance Competition

I don’t have a video for this one (yet!), but her smile says it all:

Memphis Dance Competition    Memphis Dance Competition

For obvious reasons, she received the “Spectacular Storytelling” special award, and she was thrilled! She also got 3rd place overall and 1st in her category.

Memphis Dance Competition

And, of course, my favorite photo of the whole weekend:

Memphis Dance Competition

Words can’t say how PROUD I am of these two! I could literally watch them dance all day long. All day. Not kidding. All day.

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