We are Amy + Ed

20+ years later, we’re still playing cards together!

Meet Us

Our Story

It all started with a game of Spades, late one night at our local bowling alley. We met in a small Southern town, where inventing your own kind of fun was not only a creative pastime, but imperative to life without boredom. We got partnered against another couple, and I peeked over my cards at Ed, trying desperately to send him signals about my hand through telepathy. Ed, perhaps like any other college-aged guy, took this as flirting.

To this day, I stand by my testimony that I was only trying to win the game, and I was definitely not flirting.
Either way, I ended up the victor!

Years later, we’re still playing cards, though that one small game has evolved into full-blown game nights with family and friends. We got hitched in 1994, when white tuxes with tails, lots of tulle, and big bows were all the rage (we know better now). We were both in college, and knew nothing about photography (they used film back then!), but thankfully, my mom’s top wedding priority was the photos. Today, our kids love looking through our wedding album and making fun of us, and we secretly love it too.

We started our business on accident. We shot our first wedding in 2009, when my brother, ever frugal, got married. Somehow, he talked me into taking the photos and Ed into doing the video. My brother got free wedding photos, and I discovered that I had never had so much fun behind a camera! I posted the photos on Facebook, and have had couples calling me ever since. My brother likes to say that I owe my entire business to him, but I like to say that it’s a good thing he’s such a cheapskate!

Since then, our photography and our business has evolved and become a passion for us. We love making memories while making memories last.

We know firsthand how the words “I do” can change the course of your lives. We know firsthand the pain and pride of watching a child grow, graduate high school, and leave the safety of their parents for a life of their own. We know firsthand that having tangible memories of these life-changing events is not only a responsibility, but a legacy. For us, preserving love and history is an honor and a privilege.

On Our Bucket List

Have an entire Christmas tree just for ornaments we pick up on our travels.

Stay in a private hut over the water in Bora Bora.

Attend a NASA launch

Live as close to the water as possible.

Visit every one of the 50 states at least once. Or all 7 continents. Whichever comes first.

Survive parenthood long enough to enjoy empty nest syndrome.

Quick Facts

Ed Hutchinson

It took Amy years to broaden my culinary tastes beyond steak + potatoes (but I still like steak best)!

I am a self-proclaimed computer (and video game) nerd.

I had a pony when I was little.

I was a track & field champion in High School.

I can cook anything. As long as the directions are on the box.

One day, I’d like to run a full marathon.

When I was younger, people told me I looked like Tom Cruise. Maybe that’s why Top Gun is my favorite movie!

I knew Amy liked me when she flirted with me over a game of Spades.

Quick Facts

Amy Hutchinson

I missed my calling as a NASA astronaut. But my motion sickness would have likely intervened.

I am obsessed with succulents, and my #AHPgreenhouse!

I graduated Valedictorian from High School, and First Diploma from college.

I could live off of bread and wine alone. Especially if there’s cheese.

I love warm weather, and could never live anywhere north of Virginia.

I’ve never met a book I didn’t like. Except maybe The Odyssey.

I don’t drink sodas. Never have. Never will.

Sometimes I text in #hashtags.

I never flirted with Ed over a game of Spades.

We Love to Travel

Oh, the places we’ve been!

Help us color in all the states by letting us know
if you’re planning your wedding somewhere we have not yet been!