traci + ethan: promised. a new orleans garden district engagement.

Traci and Ethan have the best group of friends. All the girls are friends with all the guys, and everyone has known each other forever. In fact, Traci and Ethan can’t even tell you how they met. They can’t remember a time when they didn’t belong to the same group of friends. But they do remember the time that everyone else was going to a concert, and they didn’t go. Instead, they went to dinner and ended up talking all night long. That’s when they both started looking at each other as someone other than a friend. For their next date, Ethan agreed to go to the fair with Traci, even though he didn’t care much for fairs. But Traci liked them, and he liked her. So he went, and after they had a blast watching a Krystal-eating contest, he knew it was love.

Ethan popped the question on a trip to New Orleans several years later. So it was only natural that they, along with all their friends, celebrate their engagement and their last few weeks of being single there. They gathered everyone together for a St. Patrick’s weekend bachelor/bachelorette party in the French Quarter. Ed and I tagged along so that we could capture the festivities, and take their engagement photos in their favorite city. Too much fun was had for one post, so this will be Part 1 of a 3 part story. We started the weekend off with engagement photos in the Garden District – somewhere a little quieter where we could roam and get to know each other.

I love this shot that Ed caught of Ethan kissing his bride-to-be. They both love fiercely.

The Garden District is so lovely, and we had so much fun walking and seeing the sights.

Traci has the most beautiful smile, and the most infectious laugh, as captured here by Ed.

Oh, and she’s gorgeous to boot! One of my favorite photos.

Traci and Ethan are just a big ball o’ fun! Obviously.

A little tribute to St. Pat…

Taci, your colorful sense of style matches your personality perfectly.

I love, love, love it when a couple is willing to be adventurous and have a little fun in front of the camera!

I’ll end Part 1 with this perfect example of their love.

More to come! Here’s to the best friends in the world. And Krystals. And being adventurous. Cheers!

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