traci + ethan: promised. a new orleans french quarter engagement.

Sometimes I don’t think ahead. For example, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to catch a streetcar, in New Orleans, on St. Patrick’s weekend. Before arriving in New Orleans, I met with Traci and Ethan to discuss the particulars of the trip. Let’s start in the Garden District, I suggested. We can take the streetcar so we don’t have to drive. It’s just a short ride down St. Charles.

Uh, yeah. What I didn’t think about was that there were so many people in New Orleans with exactly the same idea. So by the time we waited for a trolley, er, I mean streetcar, packed on like sardines, and endured the gazillion stops along the way, we had used up 40 minutes of our session. So we all agreed not to rush the session, but to enjoy our time in the Garden District and do the French Quarter after the swamp tour the next day. It worked out perfectly, and we had more time for more photos – even better!

After freshening up, we started our second day’s session in front of a building that is owned by Traci’s family. The business takes up an entire block, and makes beautiful decorative ironwork. Very New Orleans-ish!

We then roamed the streets of the French Quarter, trying to avoid the throngs of St. Patricks celebrators.

The architecture of the French Quarter is beautiful. And so are Traci and Ethan!

Traci, you are stunning!

Aren’t they adorable? We were having way too much fun.

We hit Bourbon Street right before sunset, and stopped amidst many party-goers who had been at it for quite some time. Note all the green! Apparently, not many people bring their own photographers. Go figure! We were the entertainment of the moment.

Love this one!

We ended in front of the hotel where Ethan proposed. Very appropriate (love the guy in the background)!

Traci and Ethan, thankyouthankyouthankyou! We were honored to be included in your bachelor/bachelorette festivities, and we were overwhelmed with how welcome everyone made us feel! We enjoyed you, your friends, and roaming New Orleans together. We can’t WAIT for the wedding!

To see more images from Traci’s and Ethan’s engagement weekend, CLICK HERE for a slideshow (and leave them some love)! ¬†Here’s to St. Pat. And the NOLA streetcar. And Bourbon Street drunkenness. Cheers!

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