the one: cheryl + omar.

{by Ed}


People fall in love with photos for all kinds of different reasons:

  • light
  • mood
  • feeling
  • subject matter
  • background
  • location
  • technique

The list can go on and on.  The photos I take typically take aim for emotion, feeling, candidness (if that’s a word), and the subject just being natural. Amy picked this photo because of the perspective.  We shoot shallow, which means the background is “fuzzy”, but the reason we do this is to highlight the focal point of what we want the viewer to see.  I’m focused on Cheryl’s engagement ring, but what’s happening in the background is a moment between them.  Contentment. Happiness. Love. And a little bit of privacy for them to just be them.


Shelby Farms Engagement


Here’s to falling in love with photos no matter what the reason, and to taking the time to just be…


  • Sarah
    Posted at 13:51h, 13 June

    Loving it for all those reasons, including the ring!