tamara + cedric: promised. a birmingham cinco de mayo engagement.

Cedric has that infectious, playful personality that makes him immediately likable by everyone he meets. He is a big believer in independence, having had a hand in several family-owned businesses before starting one of his own. He is also a big sports fan, and his new business puts him right in the middle of his favorite sports. But it also means that he is always on the go.

Tamara is a big traveler too. Working from home, she has an office in several states of organized chaos, but she is frequently away from home for meetings. She is smart, beautiful, and tolerant enough to make her the perfect counterpart to Cedric’s high-energy lifestyle.

So, when time came for Cedric to propose, his family was a little surprised at his willingness to settle down, but not surprised in his choice of a wife. He asked Tamara to marry him in typical Cedric fashion, fusing comedy and tenderness in a way that only he can. Printing out an “official” certificate of proposal, he offered it to Tamara, along with a beautiful bracelet engraved with the words Marry Me. She had “completed the training for marriage,” and so Tamara accepted right away, with tears of joy and mirth.

Because Tamara and Cedric spend so much time away from home, they really wanted their engagement photos to be in the place that they have chosen to start their lives together – their first house. Ed and I traveled to Birmingham to get to know them better, and to take their photos where their hearts truly reside. Home.

This look says more than meets the eye.

One of the very few serious photos I managed to capture of Cedric.

We then moved to their back yard for some photos in beautiful outdoor light.

Tamara, you are amazingly beautiful.

Hanging around with Tamara and Cedric requires lots of laughing. I was totally up to the task.

I love this natural photo Ed captured.

In a shoot all about their home, the front stoop was a requirement.

I absolutely LOVED the Birmingham light!

After a quick change, Tamara and Cedric took us to Railroad Park, the most awesome urban park I have ever visited! Right in the middle of downtown, among tall office buildings, high-rises, and hospitals, the gorgeous green haven is a mix of industrial and natural artistry, complete with an open lawn, gardens, and streams. I wish my backyard looked just like it. Ed’s photo on the right.

My view on the left, Ed’s on the right. Yeah, I like his better too.

After the sun had set, and photos were complete, Tamara and Cedric took us out to show us the town. We got an awesome city view from the Vulcan Park and Museum, then celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style with margaritas, music, and dancing at Cantina Tortilla Grill. Cedric and Ed finished up the evening by watching the boxing match, while Tamara and I hit the dance floor.

Tamara and Cedric, thank you so much for being such awesome hosts for Cinco de Mayo weekend. We had so much fun, and we really enjoyed getting to know you both better. We can’t wait for the wedding when we can do it all again!

CLICK HERE to see more images from Tamara and Cedric’s engagement session. Here’s to Cinco de Mayo. And the fusion of laughter and calm. And being home. Cheers!


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