stephanie + timothy: promised. a downtown memphis engagement.

Everyone seems to be tied to a computer or mobile device these days. But for Stephanie and Tim, technology has a special place in their hearts. It brought them together. They met online, and began chatting right away. They hit it off, and it was obvious that they liked more about each other than just their profile pics. They soon exchanged numbers and were talking and texting regularly.

Then Stephanie went on a cruise. Although things were going well with Tim, and she she really wanted to stay and chat some more with him, she was not ready to give up a cruise. When she returned, he was the first thing on her mind. She called him up and told him she was driving through his neighborhood, and she might just stop by. Panicked, Tim ran around his bachelor pad and frantically cleaned up. They spent the evening watching movies, and talking. Face to face. The deal was sealed when Stephanie left and Tim sent her a text that said, come back! 

Stephanie and Tim will soon be married and joined for good. Ed and I met them both in downtown Memphis for their engagement shoot. They like to go out and spend time with friends, so the urban vibe of downtown was perfect for them.

While walking (okay, and talking), I strode right by this little outdoor bistro. But Ed saw it and called my attention to it. Thanks to him, these are some of my favorite photos!

Tim may be shy, but he knows how to work the camera.

It had rained for most of the day, but cleared up just in time for our shoot.

Puddles and light peeking through the clouds. Perfection!

Stephanie, Tim is a lucky guy.

Aren’t they adorable?

When the sun came out for a few minutes, we literally stopped where we were to get a few shots in it!

And these are my favorite from the whole day.

If you love somebody enough…

So. Cute.

Stephanie and Tim, thank you so much for sharing your evening with us. I hope it was worth the drive! I can’t wait for the wedding!

CLICK HERE to see more from Stephanie’s and Timothy’s engagement session. Here’s to technology. And frantic cleaning sessions. And texts that make you want to go back for more. Cheers!

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