Megan and Anthony’s Shelby Farms Engagement Fusion Video

When Megan told me that they would like to incorporate bow fishing into their engagement, I got so excited! Not only because it was unique and something we’ve never done before, but because I was thinking about all the cool video clips we could get with it! Fusion video is all about bringing the photos to life and adding motion to the story, so I knew this would be the perfect way to accomplish that.


I love that this is something that Megan and Anthony love to do together, and they wanted that part of their story captured. It was also a great way to get them relaxed for the shoot, because they were just hanging out, doing what they are used to doing (albeit in nicer clothes!), while we just stood back and captured the action. Finding common ground and fun things to do together is so important to a relationship. Megan and Anthony are so cute together, and you can tell how perfect they are for each other when you watch them interact.

We had such a great time with them, and I’m so glad they turned out to be the winners of our engagement shoot! We won’t be able to shoot their wedding, so we’re especially glad that we got to know them through their engagement photos. We put together this fun fusion video of their Shelby Farms engagement session, and I think it tells their story beautifully. Enjoy!

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