Samantha + Slay | a Midtown Memphis Engagement

Sometimes things need to be done the wrong way a couple times before they can be done right. This seems to be a theme in Samantha and Slay’s relationship, but it works for them because they are so right for each other!

These two didn’t exactly start off on the right foot. Samantha came all the way to Memphis from Michigan for college, because she wanted a change of pace and scenery. She met Slay in the ROTC program there, and their first impressions of each other weren’t exactly hearts and flowers. Thankfully, they both have such good hearts and are willing to look for a second or third impression. As they spent more time together, they realized there was something there they had missed, and they gradually fell in love.

Later, the proposal went along the same lines. Slay knew he was ready to pop the question, and though he knew the when and the why, he wasn’t quite sure how he was going to do it. While he was stationed in Kansas, Samantha made the all-night drive to visit him for Christmas. Slay’s Plan A was to take Samantha out for a night of fun, and a proposal. But as their evening plans changed, so did his proposal plans. From plan A, to plan B, then C and D.

Slay nervously rearranged things in his head as the night evolved. Finally, deciding it was past time, he threw all his plans out the window and dropped to his knee right in front of the Christmas tree. Samantha was taken off guard, and it turned out to be the perfect way to surprise her! She tearfully said yes as he placed the ring on her finger, while giving his roommate, who was holding the camera, a victorious thumbs up! Once again, their way turned out to be the right way.

We will be traveling to Michigan with Samantha and Slay next year for the wedding, and we cannot wait! We had such a great time hanging out with these two during their engagement session, and I know we will have a blast when it’s time to tie the knot! Slay was able to get some leave time to come to Memphis for their engagement photos. They both love spending time in midtown Memphis, so that’s where we started!



Slay knows just how to make Samantha laugh!



Love this one!


Yes, they are going to make beautiful babies.


I loved how these flowers matched Samantha’s shirt nearly perfectly!



Love Ed’s perspective on the left!





Sigh. I’m so lucky to have such gorgeous brides!



This mural was so much fun! They totally made it look good!



Samantha and Slay love going to concerts at Levitt Shell, so after a quick change, we made our way there.


Sam, you are stunning.








We wanted to make sure to get a few of Slay in his fatigues, so after one more change, we caught sunset at the park. Ed captured this awesome reflection shot!


This was my angle, and probably my favorite photo of the day!




It was a hot, hazy day, but these two were awesome! It was nearly dark, but I love the glow from the setting sun!



Samantha and Slay, thank you so much for spending some of your (very valuable!) leave time with us! We had a great time getting to know you both, and we can’t WAIT to explore Michigan with you! Also, a HUGE congrats to Samantha for graduating this past weekend and being commissioned as a lieutenant into the Nurse Corps in the U.S. Army! We’re so proud of you! You’re going to do great things <3


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