morgan + ian: promised. a memphis interstate engagement.

It really does happen. They are high school sweethearts. With a twist. Morgan was in high school what she is now: bright, colorful, and bubbly. But she had an attraction to the proverbial “bad boy.” Ian was quiet, shy, and had several piercings, putting him in that “bad boy” category. He had just given up his all-black wardrobe for something less depressing, and when Morgan saw him in the halls, she didn’t recognize him. She whispered to her friends that the new “transfer student” was pretty cute.

Ian thought Morgan was pretty cute too. He especially liked her lips. Back then, he had a very unique defense mechanism for his super shyness around girls. He kissed them. Rather than being afraid of rejection, he faced it head on, figuring that sooner or later, one of the girls he kissed would like it. And if not, at least he was getting a little action along the way! So that first day that Morgan saw the new Ian and said hello, the first thing he did was kiss her. And it worked.
It really does happen.


Morgan and Ian are an awesome couple, and completely willing to trust me, even when I have crazy ideas. Because they couldn’t decide on the perfect location for their engagement shoot, I proposed a thought. I had always wanted to simply drive along the interstate and stop at all the cool little spots on the side of the road that I was always eyeing from the car. They were not only willing, but excited by this idea, so that’s exactly what we did!

And we found truly awesome light and backgrounds on this overcast day.

Morgan, you have mastered the serious, come-hither look. Rawr.

The clouds made for some seriously cool skies. This was one of my favorite spots that we lucked upon.

Who doesn’t love a stroll on the side of the interstate? And hey, we got honks from passing cars during the make-out photos!

Morgan and Ian were a little disappointed that the sun went into hiding right before their session. Personally, I’m glad! The clouds added that perfect amount of drama!

I adored Morgan’s makeup – it was beautiful and colorful. Just like her.

Naturally, we gave Ian some attention too.

Ed took the photo on the left, and I love the angle! My view on the right. Check out those awesome clouds!

Okay. So. My idea for this shoot came when we were traveling back to Memphis from New Orleans. I saw so many blooming, wild dogwoods on the side of the interstate. In my head, I pictured a smiling couple perched under one of these trees. But naturally, we didn’t see a single one. Apparently, they’re all south of Tennessee. These were the only flowers we found, but I’m totally okay with that. Morgan and Ian can make anything look good!

A quick change for Ian, and a little romance right at sunset…

And a lot of laughter!

Morgan and Ian, thank you so much for putting your trust in us. And for tromping through wet grass on the side of the interstate. And for having dinner with us afterwards and letting us get to know you both. We enjoyed every bit of it!

CLICK HERE to see more images from Morgan’s and Ian’s engagement session. Here’s to the search for the elusive dogwood. And cloudy skies. And kissing. Cheers!

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