Brittany + Walker | a Memphis Backyard Engagement

Brittany and Walker are so easy-going! We knew right away that they were the perfect clients for us. We all got along from the moment we met, so we knew their engagement session would be a breeze. They love anything from taking their dogs for a walk along the gravel paths of Shelby Farms, to a simple barbecue at home, to dancing in the rain (as you will soon see). We wanted to make sure to capture the essence of who they are.

Brittany has the cutest laugh, and yet the fiercest serious look. She is going to rock bridal photos!! Walker knows the perfect thing to whisper to her to bring out that contagious laugh. They were both willing to go with the flow and let us (and the weather!) lead them through their photos. They were perfectly comfortable being who they are, so their photos are so natural. I love that!

These two love the country and hope to one day live on lots of land with beautiful views. But for right now, they’ve just purchased their first home together in the city, so what better place to start their engagement photos than in their own backyard? They have a beautiful, sparkling pool and they spend so much time hanging out there with each other and their friends. We had a great time incorporating the water into their backyard engagement shoot!

We started right off the bat with one of my favorites!




Even though it was sunny when we started, and the weather predicted absolutely no rain, we got hit with a summer shower! Rather than run inside and hide from the rain, Brittany said, “can we take some photos in the rain? We may never have a chance like this again!” And just like that I fell in love with her. This girl was not afraid to get wet, and I love the shots we got!



When the rain stopped (after only a few minutes), Brittany and Walker changed clothes, and we headed to the park. They love the outdoors, and wanted to get a sense of the country in some of their photos. I love that the rain left little puddles for us to play with.








The clouds leftover from the rain made for a pretty sky!






Brittany and Walker, thank you so much for playing in the rain with us! Thank you for taking risks while being so carefree at the same time. You couldn’t have made our job any easier! We had such a great time, and we can’t WAIT for the wedding!


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