megan + steven: promised. a downtown memphis engagement.

They knew each other in their Freshman year of college, but didn’t start dating until they were Seniors. He wasn’t interested in a serious relationship, and she wasn’t interested in chasing him. But little did Megan know that as she passed him on the way to class every day, instead of saying there goes that guy I know, she should have been saying, there goes that guy I’m going to marry…

Nothing about their story is fast. Even though they had common friends, it took them four years to go out. In fact, their first date almost didn’t happen. Megan forgot that she was supposed to give Steven a time to meet, and he just thought she decided not to go. After their mutual friend stepped in and straightened them out, they made plans last minute. But the date was rushed and awkward, and they didn’t speak again for two weeks. Finally, Megan took matters into her own hands, called him up, and made a real date plans. It wasn’t rushed or awkward, and Megan and Steven began to see what they had been missing out on.

Now, instead of fighting fate, they fight over what to watch on T.V. But at least they can do that together.

Ed and I met Megan and Steven in downtown Memphis for their engagement shoot. We wandered Main Street in the cold, watched the sunset from the Memphis Riverwalk, and finished up the night with cocktails on Mud Island.

I was getting the above shot, while Ed was getting a different angle…

The sun is not only great for some super cool flare shots, but also for warming up in mid-February!

Megan and Steven are so easy-going and so natural around each other. Love that!

Megan, you are gorgeous!

Ed, as usual, always remembers to grab an awesome ring shot when I forget.


They were such great sports!

One of my faves!

Nothing like a little romance as the sun sinks below the river. Sigh.

Megan and Steven, thanks so much for coming out on a cold day ready to rock it for the camera! You were so much fun and Ed and I really enjoyed getting to know you both. Can’t wait for the wedding!

To see more images from Megan and Steven’s engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to going slow. And awkward first dates. And being worth the wait. Cheers!

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