marcy + sam: promised. a downtown memphis engagement.

It was Memphis in May. Marcy was out with her girlfriends, going from tent to tent and sampling the barbecue. And drinks. Sam and his friends have a tent every year, and he was the designated drink maker that night. He was handing out Ice Picks, his specialty made with vodka and iced tea, when Marcy and her friends walked in. Sam remembers thinking that his buddy managed to bring in the prettiest girl. Marcy, on the other hand, may or may not remember much after the Ice Picks.

The next year, they met again during Memphis in May, in that very same tent. This time, Marcy and Sam had a lengthy and memorable conversation, and quickly became good friends afterward. Until the day that Sam asked her to go to the shooting range with him. Marcy didn’t realize it was a date until he showed up with flowers. She recovered from her initial panic, and they ended up having a great time. Friendship grew into romance, and their relationship became an engagement when Marcy said yes to Sam, on one knee, on the end of a Pensacola beach. As the sun set into the water with an amazing array of colors, Marcy and Sam agreed to spend the rest of their lives together.

Ed and I met Marcy and Sam downtown for their engagement session. We ended at sunset where their life together began: Tom Lee Park, the location of the annual Memphis in May. Marcy and Sam will wed tomorrow, so I wanted to get these photos up as soon as possible!

Marcy and Sam were a dream to photograph. They are so obviously in love, and completely adorable in front of the camera!

Marcy, you’re killing me! You are so gorgeous.

And Sam, you’re pretty cute too (I can say that because I have a man who is secure in his own cuteness)!

We wandered around some of the lesser known locations on Main Street, staying out of the crowds. It was a beautiful day to be downtown!

Aren’t they just way too perfect together?

This is about where Marcy and I discovered that we were meant to be best friends. We are very much alike, and we both got the Back to the Future trilogy for Christmas this past year. If that doesn’t say best friends, I don’t know what does.

I love how Sam can bring out Marcy’s true spirit.

See? Love these expressions.

One of my favorites.

Sunset and a little romance on the river? Yes, please! We wanted to make sure we got some photos in the very place where Sam and Marcy met.

Marcy and Sam, thank you for being so awesome! You were so much fun in front of the camera, and we enjoyed getting to know you over dinner. We can’t wait for the wedding tomorrow!

Here’s to Ice Picks. And a date at the shooting range. And to sunsets that start a new chapter in life. Cheers!

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