lauren + anthony: promised. a memphis engagement.

It’s a common story these days. Lauren and Anthony were close all their lives… at least in distance. They went to the same schools, and lived a few short miles apart. But they never really knew or spoke to each other until Facebook.

While roaming the online social scene, Anthony saw Lauren’s profile and sent his friend request right away. Lauren was drawn to his photo and knew he looked familiar. Going against her usual behavior, she sent him a flirty message, asking him how she knew him and hoping he wasn’t related to her. A couple messages (and a firm assurance that they were not related) later, they went out for drinks. In real life.

Anthony knew from that very first date that Lauren was the one for him. He invited her dad to lunch, where he asked for her hand, but he waited patiently for the right moment to pose the question to Lauren. Lauren knew about the impending proposal since her parents let the secret slip. After months of wondering when the moment would come, she had all but forgotten about it.

Then Anthony took Lauren to an intimate dinner on the roof of the Madison Hotel. When the champagne was served, Lauren noticed something more than ice glittering in her champagne glass. There, with the city of Memphis below them, she said yes and agreed to spend the rest of her life with him.


We met Lauren and Anthony at Overton Park for the first part of their engagement session. Beautiful light on a beautiful day with a beautiful couple. Perfection!

I was so excited when Lauren pulled out a picnic, complete with sparkling wine!

My view on the left. Ed’s on the right. Anthony has the best smile.

Rawr. Lauren and Anthony are the sexiest couple ever.

Lauren, you are beyond gorgeous.

After a quick change, we traveled to the Madison Hotel to finish up the session. The Madison is where Anthony proposed, so we wanted to make sure to get some shots there.

We snuck up to the rooftop to grab some sunset photos.

Love the view of the city below. But Lauren and Anthony only see each other.

Lauren and Anthony, thank you so much for hanging out with us for an evening! We thouroughly enjoyed your fun personalities and getting to know you better! Your New Year’s Eve wedding is going to be spectacular!!

CLICK HERE to see more images from Lauren’s and Anthony’s engagement session. Here’s to Facebook. And rooftops. And sparkling champagne. Cheers!

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