katie + steven: promised. a collierville square engagement.

For the most part, they have spent their time together actually apart. Through school, finding a career, and learning to be adults, they have suffered through a long-distance relationship. Until now.

Though they grew up just miles away from each other, Katie and Steven didn’t meet until college. They started as friends, attending a party together as Poison Ivy and the Riddler, and spending snow days drinking beer and watching TV among roommates. But Katie knew she really liked Steven as more than just a friend. She liked him enough, in fact, that she went through an outrageous number of outfit changes before their first date. She must have chosen correctly, however, because during the 45 minute drive to dinner, though nervous, they both found conversation easy and the company comfortable.

Katie moved to Nashville after graduation, and Steven went on to grad school. They kept up their relationship through phone calls and long letters, and Steven decided that he was ready to grow up, ready to settle down, and ready to spend the rest of his life with Katie. So, on a horse-drawn carriage through Shelby Farms’ Starry Nights annual holiday light display, he stopped the carriage near a sign that spelled out “will you marry me” in twinkling, colorful lights, got down on one knee, and asked Katie to marry him. Among congratulatory honks from passing cars, she said yes.

Ed and I met Katie and Steven on the Collierville Square for their engagement shoot. Katie’s grandmother lives just across the square, and Katie spent much of her childhood in the familiar square.
Katie, you just glow! Special thanks to Valarie Powell for making Katie look extra-gorgeous.
No visit to the Collierville Square is complete without photos by the train. While I was getting these…
Ed was grabbing the all-important ring shot.
My favorites. Sigh. Katie, you are stunning.
Love Ed’s angle of Steven!
After a quick change, we had time for a few more shots before sunset. Red hair + green shirt = perfection.
I loved the glow of the store lights in the background.
I love the way Katie and Steven love.
Naturally, we had to bring Marley in for a few shots! Thanks to Etsy for his fabulous bow tie!

Katie and Steven, thank you for hanging out with us for an evening! We loved getting to know you better and hearing your story. Can’t wait for the wedding in November!

CLICK HERE to see more images from Kaite’s and Steven’s Collierville engagement. Here’s to love letters. And Christmas lights. And red hair times two. Cheers!
  • Lisa Barker
    Posted at 07:11h, 14 June

    These are so beautiful!!!

  • Jessi Barker
    Posted at 13:00h, 14 June

    I think the photographers did a wonderful job!

  • Steven Barker
    Posted at 13:00h, 14 June

    These pictures look great! Thanks for everything, Amy and Ed!

  • Katie Robins
    Posted at 18:38h, 14 June

    Amy & Ed- thank you so much for an amazing experience and amazing pictures!! You two are so talented, and a delight to be with!!