Jordanna + Justin | a Downtown Memphis Engagement

Jordanna and Justin have known each other since preschool. Preschool! They have class photos of themselves in preschool and 2nd grade where they were standing only feet from each other. They didn’t know then that they were destined for each other, but they never would have ended up together if the path that led them to each other didn’t start there.

Justin will tell you over and over that it was meant to be. And he’s right. Everything with them seems to be exactly the way it’s supposed to be! Jordanna may have been in the same classroom with Justin in preschool, but it took Facebook, years later, to reconnect her with him. It was meant to be that she would pop up in his suggested friends because they went to the same schools. It was meant to be that they would end up living in the same apartment complex, without even knowing it. It was meant to be that other relationships didn’t work out, so that they would be ready for each other when the time was right. And it was meant to be, that after finally dating Jordanna for a few years, that he would propose to her on the lawn of that very same school where they were, unknowingly, years ago, meant to be for each other.

Our first shot at scheduling an engagement session with Jordanna and Justin didn’t work out, and we were forced to reschedule for another day. But, like so many other things with them, it was meant to be! The day we finally did get to shoot was a beautiful, perfect, day, and we couldn’t have asked for a better time! Jordanna and Justin were a breeze to photograph, and so comfortable with each other! It really made our job easy, and we had such a great time together!

We decided on a downtown Memphis engagement session, since they both used to live right by the river, and would often go running together there. The light was gorgeous!

Downtown Memphis Engagement Session

I love this time of year, when the petunias are blooming, and the downtown fountains are finally running! Jordanna and Justin were so laid back and willing to stand in the water for us. We couldn’t have asked for better!

Downtown Memphis Engagement Session
Downtown Memphis Engagement Session

They seriously are the best kissers! It’s hard to kiss on camera!

Downtown Memphis Engagement Session

Jordanna and Justin are just so sweet together! They were like this the whole time. So easy!

Downtown Memphis Engagement Session

They are both huge Memphis Grizzlies fans, so we headed toward the FedEx Forum for just a few shots with their growl towels. I love these!

Downtown Memphis Engagement Session

Then, we finished up with sunset on the river.

Downtown Memphis Engagement Session
Downtown Memphis Engagement Session

Jordanna and Justin, we had such a great time getting to know you guys! We LOVE your story, and we can’t wait for the wedding! It’s going to be a fantastic day, and I’m not even worried about a thing. Because whatever happens that day will have been meant to be!


  • Sarah
    Posted at 12:08h, 19 May

    Love, love, love these photos of this adorable couple! Their casual fun approach just seems to fit them! I know they will love these pictures & enjoy them forever … Since it is meant to be!