Erin + Donny | a Jacksonville Engagement

I am so excited to share this Jacksonville engagement session! Not only did we get to travel to one of my favorite places to shoot on the BEACH, but both Ed and I fell in love with Erin and Donny right away! Since we had only met before over Skype, this was our first time meeting face to face. Within 5 minutes, I knew that Erin and I were kindred spirits. We’re the same person! Well, except she gets to live in sunny Florida, and I’m still only dreaming about it.

Erin and Donny met in Maryland, while Erin was interning. They spent a lot of time together, and it didn’t take long for them to realize that they were meant to be together permanently. Donny now works for the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars, and Erin followed him to Florida so that they could finally be in the same place at the same time!

Since Erin and Donny will be starting their married lives together in Jacksonville, we wanted to capture their engagement photos in the very place that they will be living! We traveled to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with them, and they were amazing hosts. They both love the beach, so we knew we wanted to start there for photos. They were troopers, and got up before sunrise so that we could have the beach all to ourselves!

We waited for the sun to come up, got to know each other, and had a fabulous time! Erin and Donny are such happy people, and we all laughed all day! And Erin has the CUTEST laugh-smile!

stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0001 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0002 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0003 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0004

They kiss like they mean it, ya’ll.

stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0005 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0006

I love the way Donny looks at Erin. Sigh.


Sandy toes are the best!

stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0008 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0009 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0010 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0011

Erin told me right away that she doesn’t do the “serious look,” and she was right! She’s just too bright and happy to pretend to be otherwise!


stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0013 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0014

The Jacksonville pier is a place they both love to spend time together, so after walking in the sand for a bit, we made our way there. Ed and I eventually would love to move to the East coast, and Jacksonville is one of the cities we are considering. It was so great to explore it with a great couple who could really show us all the great things about it!


We had to stop a few times along the way for palm trees!


I knew we had to have photos in front of this striped wall the moment I saw it. It may or may not have been the side of the bathrooms, but I love it! This is one of my very favorites from the day!

stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0017 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0018

This is as serious as they get – and you can see Erin working hard to hide that laugh!


THIS is totally them!


It started to drizzle a bit as we were finishing up (that’s a surfing competition going on below them!), so we made our way to the Jacksonville Jaguar’s stadium for part 2.


The coolest part about Donny working for the Jaguars is that we got an empty NFL Stadium all to ourselves! It was AMAZING!

stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0022 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0023 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0024 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0025

I LOVE this shot that Ed captured. This is how much fun we were having. All. Day. Long.


Too bad the scoreboards weren’t on! They are HUGE!


The next day, these seats were full to capacity for the Jaguar’s first game of the season. Donny gifted us with tickets and we got to see them play. But I think I liked the stadium empty better!

stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0028 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0029 stadium-jacksonville-engagement_0030

Erin and Donny, thank you SO MUCH for such a fabulous weekend! We had such a great time with you guys. You went over the top with everything, including the game tickets and taking us to dinner. It’s so good to know when we move to Jacksonville, we will already know some AWESOME people. 😉 I can’t wait for the wedding!


  • Kimberly Wetzelberger
    Posted at 13:02h, 01 October

    I love the pics. So excited for one of my favorite couples……
    We love you!!!!

  • Susie Porter
    Posted at 22:39h, 03 October

    So cute….. Hard to choose a favorite. Can’t wait for the Big Day!!

  • Linda Lawson
    Posted at 17:41h, 13 October

    Beautiful pictures! Such a lovely couple! Wishing them much joy in the their marriage <3