ebony + travis: a memphis engagement.

Ebony and Travis have a photo of them together. Before they really knew each other. It was a group photo at some party, and Ebony and Travis are both there, on opposite sides of the photo. Travis loves to pick up the photo now, excitedly point at Ebony, and exclaim, look! it’s my future wife! and i didn’t even know it!

Later, fate put them next to each other in the same room, and they started to talk. Not only did they think that the other was more-than-average-attractive, but Travis saw that Ebony was fun. And Ebony realized that Travis liked the same things she did. Travel. Food. Good food. In fact, they both consider themselves amateur food critics, and it has since become habit for them to check out new restaurants in order to compare notes.

When Travis realized that he was ready to add that fateful photo to their permanent life story, he took Ebony on a spontaneous picnic. Since they love food, romance, and al fresco dining, Ebony didn’t think anything much about it. Then he pulled out the ring and asked her to be his wife. Too overwhelmed to respond, she nodded her answer. Ever since then, their photos have included each other. Side by side.

Ebony and Travis will marry next year on a Florida beach, the perfect location for this travel-loving couple. Ed and I met them both at Shelby Farms for their engagement session. Although it was a bit cold, they rocked it out, and we had such a blast!

Memphis Engagement Session (1)

Travis is a military man, and could hold a pose forever! But he also had no problem having fun in front of the camera!

Memphis Engagement Session (2)


Memphis Engagement Session (3)

Doesn’t Ebony have the most gorgeous legs? Travis and Ebony run faithfully, together. When Ebony suggested joining Travis on his runs, he was surprised, but she told him matter-of-factly, I refuse to be the 0 in our 10! Love. This. Girl.

Memphis Engagement Session (4)


Memphis Engagement Session (5)

Girlfriend, this photo is ferocious.

Memphis Engagement Session (6)

Since Travis proposed on a picnic, they had to bring their own version! Ebony loves yellow, and this is the same blanket they used for the proposal picnic.

Memphis Engagement Session (7)


Memphis Engagement Session (8)

What’s a picnic without a little wine? They let me taste it. It was gooood. Ed’s photo on the right.

Memphis Engagement Session (9)

Ebony, you kill me.

Memphis Engagement Session (10)

Ebony found this vintage camera at a yard sale for about $5. I’m going to start hitting the yard sales with her for one of my own!

Memphis Engagement Session (11)


Memphis Engagement Session (12)

After one more change of clothes, we finished up at their favorite Mexican joint for sunset photos on the patio. And margaritas. There were margaritas involved.

Memphis Engagement Session (13)

Oh, divine light, how I love you!

Memphis Engagement Session (14)

I’ll end with this photo, which shows their softer side, but also their passion. For life. For each other.

Memphis Engagement Session (15)

Ebony and Travis, thank you so much for hanging out with us for an afternoon! It was a pleasure to get to know you both better, and solidify my suspicion that we are going to get along famously! It’s fabulous to have margarita partners-in-crime! And the table discussion will remain just between us 😉 I can’t WAIT for Destin!!

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Ebony’s and Travis’ engagement session. Here’s to picnics. And food critics. And margaritas. Cheers!


  • Mer
    Posted at 12:48h, 07 December

    So pretty!! Numbets 1, 8, 9, 15, and 19 are my faves. Thats based on counting each pic as it appears on the page. From the top left. Lol

  • St. Lucie
    Posted at 13:15h, 07 December

    Oooohhhhh, I love them! Just gorgeous! I love # 1,2,6,18, and 19 (following Mer’s system! lol)!!!!! Love you boo!

  • Ashley Northington
    Posted at 14:52h, 07 December

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Eb’s eyes are so tantalizing! Love these pictures. Great job. *throws glitter*