Katy + Eric | a Downtown Memphis Rooftop Engagement

Katy and Eric like to tell people with a smile, “a tornado brought us together.” While perhaps a bit morbid, it’s actually almost quite true! Although they didn’t realize it until later, Katy and Eric were in the same 5th grade class together. But it was their sophomore year in college that would bring them back together.

In college, Katy took a ballroom class with Eric’s roommate, and she would often hang out with them both in the dorms. One particularly stormy weekend, they were both staying at school while all their other friends had gone home. As the storm took a turn from bad to worse, they heard tornado warning sirens in the distance. Convinced they were both going to be trapped in the dorm forever, they weathered the worst of the storm together, taking comfort in each other’s presence. It wasn’t long after that they were more than just storm survivors, but truly, actually, in love.

When Eric knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Katy, he brought her flowers at work. She excitedly went to change for their big dinner date. Afterwards, he took her to the rooftop of the famed Memphis Peabody Hotel, where he dropped to his knee. As they embraced afterwards, a family nearby who had been watching the event offered to take their photo and celebrated in their excitement. Though the proposal wasn’t a huge surprise to Katy (she says, “he’s not the flower type of guy,” so she knew something was up), the after party sure was! Eric had gathered all her friends and family at a nearby restaurant where they all celebrated the engagement together.

Ed and I loved Katy and Eric right away. They are our kind of people! They wanted to do something unique for their engagement session, to really show off who they are as a couple. Luckily, Katy has a friend with a downtown apartment where we got access to the private rooftop! It gave us great views of downtown Memphis, the river, and we could even see the Peabody in the distance! Since they got engaged on a rooftop, what better way to celebrate than with a rooftop engagement session?!

Before heading to the rooftop, we met Katy and Eric in midtown, the location of their engagement party and one of their favorite spots to spend time together. Katy loves color, and I LOVE that about her! We had so much fun incorporating lots of it into these photos!




This colorful wall was perfect for photos since the colors matched perfectly! It’s in a parking lot, so we really had to exercise our creativity to capture the best angles. I love a good challenge!




After a change into something dressier, we moved onto the nearby rooftop. The views were spectacular! I can’t help including this gorgeous panoramic of the Mississippi River from the rooftop.


But nothing was as gorgeous as Katy’s smile when she looks at Eric. Seriously, she has the BEST smile!!




A storm was quickly rolling in as we finished up the session. A storm! When the weather forecast said 0% chance of rain. Somehow we managed to capture every single aspect of the relationship, including the storm!

But it did make for a lovely sky…



I love downtown Memphis at night…


Katy and Eric, thank you so much for spending an evening with us! We loved getting to know you both, and your story is the best! We love that your rooftop engagement session was so personal to who you are as a couple, and we can’t WAIT for the wedding day!


  • Lauren
    Posted at 12:32h, 09 July

    Katy and Eric, you both look great in the pictures!! So happy 🙂 and I love the locations!!

  • Lauren P
    Posted at 12:32h, 09 July

    Love these photos! The rooftop ones are my favorite. 🙂

  • Jennifer
    Posted at 13:18h, 09 July

    Beautiful photos!!

  • Elyse B
    Posted at 13:41h, 09 July

    Such a sweet story about a wonderful couple. Loving all the beautiful pictures.

  • Sarah
    Posted at 14:09h, 09 July

    What a great story! Can’t wait for the big day!

  • Emily O'Donnell
    Posted at 14:16h, 09 July

    beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  • beth
    Posted at 14:21h, 09 July

    Katy and Eric are two of my favorites! Love the pictures!!

  • Ashley Leonard
    Posted at 15:58h, 09 July

    You truly captured their spirit as s couple; the pictures are beautiful! I love you Katy and Eric, these couldn’t have turned out any better!

  • Sarah Speer
    Posted at 16:40h, 09 July

    Wonderful story about two wonderful people! So happy for them! I can’t wait to see where their journey goes from here.

  • Caitlin Corsetti
    Posted at 17:00h, 09 July

    You two look amazing and so happy! I’m thrilled to have seen your relationship grow throughout the years, and I cannot wait to celebrate you both on your wedding day!

  • Danielle
    Posted at 17:53h, 09 July

    Love these pictures!!!! Katy and Eric are such and amazing couple and their fun personalities definitely show here!! Such great work!

  • Sarah Pruett
    Posted at 00:08h, 10 July

    Beautiful photos of Eric and Katy!!