christina + cory: promised. a memphis engagement.

Before they met, Christina and Cory had not had much luck with relationships. In fact, they were both quite fed up with dating. So they turned to technology to widen the scope. Cory saw Christina’s profile online, and liked what he saw. More than that, he liked what she wrote. She was honest and genuine.

A few messages back and forth turned into chatting online, then expanded to phone calls. Soon they were ready to meet. IRL. Perhaps feeling a little nervous about going out with someone she’d never met, Christina decided to put Cory to the ultimate challenge – the friend test. She invited him to come out with her and a couple friends. Cory, forever the quiet one, enjoyed just hanging out and watching Christina. He must have passed the test because at the end of the night, she invited him over, and they stayed up until dawn talking. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Ed and I met Christina and Cory at Shelby Farms for their engagement session. The thing I love most about this couple is that they know who they are. They have so many little quirks, phrases, nicknames, and meaningful items that make them who they are. Together.

This ring (no, not the diamond). This is how Christina first knew Cory truly loved her. On a beautiful day (much like this one), while sitting at a picnic table (much like this one), she had taken it off briefly and set it down. Later, in the car, she realized she had never put it back on. Since it was a special gift from him, Cory immediately turned around and went back for it. It was still there.

When Christina told me that she had to have sun to be happy, I knew we would be BFFs.

So. Cute.

I love a couple who can make each other laugh…

And also enjoy the quiet, tender moments. Ed’s photo on the left.

Christina, you are gorgeous.

While I was getting these…

Ed was getting this one. And I love it. Because it shows exactly how Christina and Cory love. With abandon.

Christina and Cory, thank you for hanging out with us for an evening. How cool is it that we were once at the very same Seether concert together before we met??? It’s a small world. We really enjoyed getting to know you better, and I have a feeling that there will be more pizza nights in our future!

CLICK HERE to see more images from Christina’s and Cory’s engagement session. Here’s to charming profiles. And lost rings. And passing the friend test. Cheers!

  • Christina
    Posted at 16:08h, 29 June

    My My My…these pictures sure are pretty! Gorgeousness.