Memphis Annesdale Mansion Engagement

Brenda + Derek’s Annesdale Mansion Engagement Fusion Video

When Brenda and I were chatting about and planning her engagement session, she knew that she wanted to include her puppy, Nica. Photographing pets is always a challenge, but we love incorporating these lovable family members when we can! Nica was a bit shy, but perfectly behaved. I’ve learned that the best way to take photos of pets is to be fast! Nica would only look at us for a second at a time, so it was imperative that we were ready when she did.

Memphis Annesdale Mansion Engagement Fusion Video

This is one reason I love Brenda and Derek’s fusion video so much! Fusion combines short video clips with still photography. The video really shows off Nica’s personality, as well as the relationship she has with her parents! My favorite thing about fusion is how it gives the photos motion and really makes them come alive. The video adds to the photography, rather than taking away from it! It adds another layer to the story, and after all, we are storytellers first and foremost!

Click below to watch Brenda and Derek’s Annesdale Mansion engagement fusion video to see what I mean. Enjoy!

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