angel + david: promised. a memphis midtown engagement.

He was looking for someone independent. Someone who knew her own mind, knew what she wanted, and knew how to take care of things. But he was also looking for someone who knew she wanted to share her life with someone else. She was waiting. She had gone most of her life on her own, and was not willing to settle for just anyone. He had to be special. She was waiting for the right one to convince her to share her home, her life, and her dog. She was waiting for him.

Angel and David knew right away that they were meant for each other. They were the perfect fit for each other, filling in the holes that were empty in their lives. The deal was sealed when they finally put their dogs in the same room, her tiny lap dog alongside his big one. And they got along perfectly. The dogs approved, so they knew they could move forward. David made it official when he came into her store one day with a simple proposal and asked her to be his wife. No production. No fanfare. Just her style. They will tie the knot early next year in Oxford, and begin sharing their life with the one who makes them complete.

Ed an I met Angel and David in the Cooper Young District of Midtown Memphis for their engagement session. The location is perfect for them – understated with lots of character!

Memphis Midtown Engagement (1)


Memphis Midtown Engagement (2)

David loves to take pictures. My kind of man!

Memphis Midtown Engagement (3)

I love the way they make each other smile.

Memphis Midtown Engagement (4)


Memphis Midtown Engagement (5)


Memphis Midtown Engagement (6)

A field of flowers and a a bit of flare? Yes, please!

Memphis Midtown Engagement (7)

Love this one.

Memphis Midtown Engagement (8)

We had to make sure to include some neon and brick to bring out their urban sides. While I was getting this shot…

Memphis Midtown Engagement (9)

Ed was grabbing this angle.

Memphis Midtown Engagement (10)

We ended with a sunset behind beautiful flowers and old bungalows.

Memphis Midtown Engagement (11)


Memphis Midtown Engagement (12)

Angel and David, thank you for making the drive and spending an afternoon with us! We enjoyed getting to know you both, and we can’t wait for the wedding!

To see more photos from Angel’s and David’s engagement session, CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Here’s to waiting for the right one. And understated character. And getting your dogs’ approval! Cheers!


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