addie + matt: promised. a downtown memphis engagement.

They’ve known each other since grade school, and can’t remember a time when they weren’t friends. They had the same friends, went to the same school, attended the same church. They were just really good friends. Until they were more.

Matt remembers exactly what Addie was wearing when she walked into their church group, and he suddenly looked at her differently. He realized she was pretty. He realized she was really pretty. Addie felt the change too, when she looked at him thoughtfully and wondered, why aren’t we dating? So they did.

Addie and Matt were good at being friends, and great in a relationship. Until they were more. On an unseasonably warm February afternoon, Matt took Addie to his favorite park overlooking the bluff. Since they began dating, Matt had been keeping a personal journal with some of this thoughts about their relationship. They sat on a bench, and Matt read to Addie some of the words that he had written. He finished by getting on one knee and asking her to marry him, and she tearfully agreed. So, together, they move on to the next part of their journey.

Ed and I met Addie and Matt in downtown Memphis for their engagement shoot. Addie and Matt are both native Memphians, so they wanted their photos to have that Memphis feel.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love laughing photos! And Addie has the most awesome laugh ever – she sounds just like Jennifer Lopez (think Selena) when she laughs. I always know it’s going to be a good session when we start off like this:

Addie and Matt are so in love, and it shows!

My favorite photo, hands down. Addie, you are stunning.

While I was getting the above photo, Ed was capturing these:

Ed always has at least one photo that makes me jealous!

After a quick change of clothes, we all went to the FedEx Forum. Addie and Matt love watching the games together, so they wanted a few photos at their favorite arena.

Addie and Matt are just so relaxed and natural around each other. Love that!

Naturally, we had to end at the beautiful little spot on the river where Matt proposed.

The sun sinking below the water made for lovely light!

Matt, you go on and rock that camera!


A happy, laughing couple in love!

I’ll end with this tender glimpse into their love.

Addie and Matt, thank you so much for spending an evening with us and letting us get to know you better! We had a blast and you both were awesome, even on a short schedule! We can’t wait for the wedding!

CLICK HERE to see more photos from Addie’s and Matt’s downtown Memphis engagement session. Here’s to being friends first. And wanting something more. And keeping a journal. Cheers!

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